There Is So Much More To Do In The Area Other Than Eating And Sleeping


Experience the thrill of fishing at Sterkfontein Dam! If you are a fisherman you might want to wet a line down at the Driekloof or Sterkfontein dam, known for its world class Yellow fishing. The dam borders our northern boundary and is home to Carp, Barbel, Bass and Yellow fish – some of the finest fish in the country. With clear water that lends itself to excellent sight fishing, you’re sure to have a great time. And when you’re done fishing for the day, relax and have a sundowner on the stoep.


Experience the thrill of mountain biking in the Northern Drakensberg! The Northern Drakensberg has great mountain biking trails that are perfect for all levels of mountain bikers. The world-famous Joberg2bush and Berg & Bush races are held here. Come and explore the trails available in the Northern Drakensberg today!


With over 4000 Ha of farm land, nature reserve and national park on our very doorstep, there are endless opportunities for hikers.


All Out Adventures has seven great adventures at one fantastic venue, central to all Northern Berg Resorts. Experience the thrill ziplines, cable tours, king swing, flying trapeze, bungee bounce, quad biking, paint ball and there is also a Kids zone for the young ones..


The Northern Horse offers people from all over the world the opportunity to explore the pristine Northern Drakensberg Valley on the backs of happy, strong mountain horses and ponies.


Looking for a place to explore the rich history of South Africa? Look no further than the Northern Drakensberg! The area is home to the Kaalvoet Vrou monument and Retief’s Klip, which commemorate the history of the Voortrekkers and their journey through the area. The Drakensberg is also home to some of the most extensive and exceptional repositories of rock art worldwide, with some 30,000 examples of Drakensberg San Rock Art in existence. You can visit San Rock art sites at the Royal Natal National Park’s amphitheatre which has a treasure trove of San rock art. Come explore the rich history and culture of South Africa in the Northern Drakensberg today!


The Royal Natal Park is only 20 min away, where one can do various mountain hikes, horse riding, golf and other sports. Sentinal / Tugela falls The Witsieshoek Sentinal park is an hours drive away. One can climb the mighty Sentinal with its chain ladders to the top of the Tugela falls – The highest waterfall in the world. (983 m)


The dam is a magical place with turquoise water, a “tidal change” to match and predictable winds that blow consistently throughout the year. It’s perfect for kitesurfing. The dam provides powerful winds and clear water that spans 7 000ha making it perfect for windsurfing or a leisurely boat trip.

Sterkfontein dam is part of the Tugela-Vaal Water Project and the Drakensberg Pumped Storage Scheme and It is the second highest dam wall and Third largest dam in South Africa and its highest earth fill dam.


The Drakensberg Boys Choir is synonymous with high-energy performances, which have been captivating audiences for over 50 years. The Drakensberg Boys choir is found only 45min away at Dragons Peak with concerts every Wednesday at 15:30 and a few selected Saturdays at 10:30 during the school term.